March 15, 2017

What to Wear… Or Not!

This is one of my favourite weeks of the year – it’s the week of the Cheltenham Festival, a series of horse races in Cheltenham, in the Cotswolds. I was in the UK during the big Gold Cup race last year, and watched from a betting parlour in Mayfair in London.

What I really love is seeing what people are wearing to the races, both good and bad. Generally the good is really good and the bad is pretty horrific. So, be prepared from some snark below and keep in mind that it’s March in England, so not warm and sunny.

Well done! Great tweeds & tattersalls, low key hat, good boots. The skirt is a mite short, but otherwise pretty terrific.image

Tail-gate parties aren’t as common at horse races in the UK as they are here, but that’s changing. Good hats, lots of tweed & tattersall, badges showing, and the food doesn’t look too bad.image

Zara Phillips on two days of the Festival. 
image image

Ok, this is NOT what you wear to the races! You just can’t drink too much in an outfit like this. image

Red, white and blue and doing it well. image

Bless her heart.image

Fun hat, great outfit, sturdy boots.image

Gotta tell you, I’d murder for this coat.image

Love the colour combination here. image

The purple just makes this sing.image

It’s not the outfit, it’s the ears.image

There’s a bit too much going on here, from the hat to the scarf to the coat.image

More than 20,000 people come over from Ireland to watch the Irish horses and Irish jockeys. It’s a HUGE deal!imageimage

Personally, I prefer the tweeds and tattersals to all this.image

As usual, I will be watching the Gold Cup Race on Friday, live via Tunnelbear! And if you want to see some amazingly frightening outfits, check the Daily Mail. Or check out my Pinterest page on what to wear to the races.


  1. It's more more understated (dress-wise) than Ascot, and I think the better for it. The Duchess of Cornwall was looking terrific in her tweed ensemble yesterday.

  2. What I love most, the women in suits - particularly the mustard yellow and blue combination. What ever happened to lovely suits? Don't see them here, too bad.

  3. I agree with you entirely about the lady at the top of your post, appropriate and stylish for this event. The Green Goddess was also lovely but more appropriate for Ladies Day at Ascot.

    I was waiting to catch a train at Waterloo Station several years ago and was delighted to see that most of the passengers on the platform were headed to Ascot. It was Ladies Day but both sexes were dressed to the nines, and well too (except for the dreaded fascinators, of course!).

  4. The "bless her heart" lady? Maybe so, but arrest her hairdresser! The woman with the hat/scarf/glasses ensemble... thought she was Billy Ray Cyrus there for a minute (didn't know that was a hat, thought she had an amazing mullet and a really low hairline!). Thanks for the good looks, and the laughs!


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