April 13, 2016

More UK Trip Pix

All in all, I took more than 700 pictures on my trip, all using my trusty little iPhone 6. Last trip, I took my digital camera and found that I used it only once! Most of the pictures are pretty decent straight out of the camera but others need a little editing to balance the light and the dark, or to make them pop a little. All of my editing is just little tweaks.

Magnolias in London, along Piccadilly Street.IMG_9070

Daffodils were everywhere I went. Just so pretty.IMG_9144

A great use for leftover silver pieces.IMG_9471

The most amazing rest-stop EVER! They also had a butcher shop.IMG_9623

Bibury and a bike race. The most charming village in the Cotswolds… from my car.IMG_9829

Sunset from the top of Primrose Hill, with St. Pauls Church to the far right. IMG_9862

I love St. Pancras Station and Hotel. Victorian excess at its best.IMG_9886

Always a stop at Liberty of London when I am in town. They’re so creative!IMG_9927

Lashings of tea, with scones and clotted cream. IMG_9946

So glad you could come along with me on my trip! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


  1. Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!

    "As a youth, I used to weep in butcher's shops..." (Uncle Monty, "Withnail & I")

    1. I took a picture at another butcher shop and the butcher had his 7-year old son with him, dressed identically. So cute.

  2. Thanks for letting us travel vicariously with you, Meg. Loved each and every snap.

    Have you seen the documentary mini-series on Liberty of London? It's on Acorn TV and most interesting. An American heads the store now.

  3. Meg on Any of your trips to the UK/London have you heard seen mention of The Williamson Tunnels? I engaged in an internet search and asked about the story behind the Blue Willow design and learned something. And then from that learned of the mysterious Williamson Tunnels and the "connection" to the Blue Willow crockery. It may be of interest to you too.

  4. I loved following along on your trip and would love to see more! Also excited that you met up with Di, she is so sweet!


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