September 20, 2015

Chartreuse & Co.

About an hour west of Baltimore, in the small town of Buckeystown, there is an occasional event I finally got around to attending! It’s the bi-monthly (or so) barn sale at Chartreuse & Co. As you wind down some country roads, in a county that is rapidly becoming more suburban than rural, you see an historic brick house and a collection of barns. IMG_4260

Each of the barns is filled with loads of goodies, some in small shops that various owners have set up and others filled with furniture or architectural artifacts. IMG_4261

A lot of the shops veered a bit too far towards the faux shabby “chic” side for me, and if I saw one more 20-something clutching a Ball or Mason jar like she’d just won an Emmy, I was going to slap someone.

But there was enough to make me happy including two of my passions: old silverplate pieces, IMG_4267IMG_4273IMG_4311IMG_4318and some good collections of ironstone.IMG_4310IMG_4316IMG_4317

It’s just beginning to feel like autumn here and it was fun to see the wide varieties of pumpkins used for decoration. IMG_4283IMG_4308IMG_4309IMG_4315

It was fun seeing how people had styled their shops. IMG_4340IMG_4302IMG_4290IMG_4303The barns are styled using some of the inventory, like this one paneled in old shutters. IMG_4312

On the way home we popped into Frederick for little while, and soon realized that it was best left for an all day trip up to visit all of the great antique shops and restaurants, including Brian Voltaggio’s Volt Restaurant. We stopped into one shop that both Andrea and I thought was just beautifully decorated. IMG_4328IMG_4329IMG_4330IMG_4333IMG_4335

It was a beautiful day for a drive to Frederick, IMG_4326IMG_4338IMG_4339

and we’re both looking forward to visiting again.


  1. I love Frederick! Have you seen the Community Bridge and the incredible trompe l'oeil? Definitely worth a visit.

  2. Meg, it sounds as if you spent a perfect weekend. These shops look lovely!

  3. A great weekend! Love the ironstone and the silver! I agree with you on going to a sale and seeing, crafty, junky stuff, really just donate it in my opinion!

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park

  4. yes it's a great day trip! we went to chartruese a few months ago and just as you said -it was kind of gag inducing (although we found a few things out in the barn). Frederick is really charming -great restaurants, lots of parking, cute shops - i haven't been to the one you have the pictures of -what is it called?

  5. It seems odd that Chartreuse would be "gag-inducing", when there's a line out the door an hour before every sale even begins.

    1. To each their own!

      I loved some things, but didn't like others. I am sure that many people don't like the same things that I do! I understand that a lot of people don't want or like silverware or china, but I do. I don't like Ball or Mason jars as decoration, but many other people adore them.

      We went, and had a good time, and may go back again. But no one likes everything.

  6. love what you love + wish I could be with you!

  7. Bringing back all kinds of East Coast imagery. Fall, barns, and chandeliers.

  8. Some 30 years ago I discovered New Market Maryland. Quaint Early American brick houses up against the road and all of them were selling antiques at very reasonable prices. Since then most of the trade moved away but there are still a few places there and it is such a lovely drive. Ann


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