October 12, 2014

#ThisIsBaltimore (Late Again!)

I was just asked to give a lecture in the spring, and the topic is Baltimore, of course. The last lecture I did for this group was “Baltimore: It’s Not Just The Wire”, but I didn’t want to repeat that exactly. So we tossed around some ideas, and decided to combine the Baltimore lecture with another one I gave called “The Quest for Inspiring Design”. We need a title for the lecture, so I tossed it to my creative and funny friends on Facebook.

Our friend Adam suggested “#ThisisBaltimore: An Amateur's view of Architecture in Baltimore”. It’s good because it combines the hashtag I’ve been using on Instagram and the fact that I am not a professional architect.

Pride of Baltimore II leaving the Inner Harbourinstagram

My hilarious friend-since-prep-school, Randy suggested this title “IONIC, DORIAN, and CORINTHIAN LEATHER: Is there a connection between columns and Ricardo Montalbán in the study of architecture?” I am fairly certain that’s not going to make the final cut.

The anonymous Washington Cube suggested “Oh Say Can You See... Baltimore Through A Baltimorean's Eyes.”

I was so proud of Baltimore’s celebration for Star-Spangled 200! Everyone did an amazing job.image

The fabulous Karen Carroll, former editor of the late, great Southern Accents suggested “A bird's eye view of Baltimore architecture” with that being a play on our two major sports teams, the Orioles and the Ravens.

Although I am a little freaked out that the O’s lost their first two games, they’ve had a great season. orioles game

Mike suggested the alliterative title of “Charming Places in Charming Spaces - A Laypersons' Guide to Baltimore's Bounty of Beautiful Buildings.” I am not 100% certain I could say this without sounding like I have a mouthful of marbles!

It’s amazing buildings like this one, in a marginal neighbourhood, that I want to show to people.image

This is the building you can see to the right of the one above. It’s gorgeous.image

And this is across the street. I adore the columns! This is where the famous art-collecting Cone Sisters lived. image

Stephanie Lowder, PR person extraordinaire, suggested a few including “No Art Degree, No Problem” and “Architecture for You and Me”. Good ones, because the lecture is supposed to bring architectural appreciation to non-architects.

This is the sweetest little pocket park. I am not sure what the statue is, but a friend-of-a-friend has taken it upon himself to make sure there are flowers and the park is kept clean. image

There were several other suggestions, all riffs on the ones above, as well as some that made no sense at all.

150-foot clock tower at Mount Royal Station, now part of the Maryland Institute College of Art or MICAimage

If you have any suggestions, please add them below! The lecture’s not until the spring of 2015, but I need to get some information to them shortly.


  1. Ok MF are you on the CHAP ? or maybe you can incorporate this in your talk A CHAP that has got your back in Baltimore The Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation and You

    1. Not on the CHAP. I am intending for this to be broader than CHAP's purview.

  2. You should do a lecture tour bc as you know there is an interest in the city. A friend of my husband has just moved to the city so I hope to visit properly next year fingers crossed!

    1. Let me know who your husband's friend is, and we will welcome him to Baltimore!

  3. Great images Meg and so sorry about the Kansas City Royals beating the O's! (teehee, could not help myself)

    The Arts by Karena

  4. ThisisBaltimore: An Amateur's view of Architecture in Baltimore + i like this one xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

    1. Thanks! That's the one I am leaning toward...

  5. I assume you know the story of the house at 2500 Eutaw Place and The Emersonian Apartments? Isaac Emerson lived at 2500 until he divorced his first wife Emelie Askew Dunn in 1911, she kept the house. In 1916, in a fit of spite, he built the Emersonian, to designs by Joseph Evans Sperry (also architect of Emerson's Bromo-Seltzer building) and occupied the penthouse with his new wife, Anne Preston McCormack. His wife's picturesque view of Druid Hill Park was gone. Also it's important to note the Cones did not live across the street in the Esplanade but rather in the Marlborough, just a short way down the street below North Avenue.

    1. Someone told me that... and told me that the Cone Sisters lived in the Marlborough, too. My bad.

  6. Meg, congrats; I know it will be a great lecture. Lots of great suggestions here, but whatever you do, please don't do a sports-related theme! My god, we're drowning in this stuff already. I won't get into all the horrors of football in particular, because I know such discussions aren't welcome, but can't we have just one thing in this city that isn't related to the Orioles or Ravens?


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