October 9, 2014

Some Sales

This is the time of year that you can find great tag sales and it’s fun to take advantage of them. I’ve culled some of the best of these to share with you, whether you’re in Baltimore or somewhere else.

First up, if you’re anywhere close to Salisbury, Connecticut this weekend, my friend and tastemaker, Pete Hathaway, is having a tent sale. Sale2Along with Pete will be the fabulous Hunter Bee which I had the chance to visit last year, Nest, which is also in Millerton, NY, a charming little town, and others. imageKnowing Pete, as I do, this is going to be a stellar sale and you should go… and then tell me all about it so I can be jealous.

In Baltimore, my friends Billy and Patrick are having their semi-annual sale. image

Billy is antiques dealer, and in his travels, he attends a number of auctions. With some of these auctions, you buy a box lot for just one thing in it. The other pieces may be perfect, but if they’re not what you want… So these are Billy’s left-overs. You might remember that I bought these fabulous candle-holders at the sale in the spring. image

I ended up spray-painting them black and giving them to my friend Andrea.  Here’s the link to the listing for Billy’s sale.

For those who are prone to planning ahead, there’s this sale!sale1

Yes, that’s right. Treillage, Holland & Sherry, Chelsea Editions and Vaughn! I don’t have a link to this yet, but I can’t even imaging how fabulous this is going to be!

Be sure to check your local Craigslist, neighbourhood listserv and lamp-posts for information about local sales!


  1. Replies
    1. I hope that tiny little thing is a sad face!

  2. Looks like a small happy face to me! xo

    1. i thought it was a sad face because Andrea's away for the weekend!

  3. Love sales like this where you just never know what one might find!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. here in s. ca they are having great sales + wish i could go to these. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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