November 11, 2013

Ring It In

For at least 2/3 of my life, I’ve worn a small gold signet ring on my right hand. At this point, I am not exactly sure where it came from, but I’ve worn it so long that my finger’s indented where the ring sits.My house was robbed a few months after I returned to the States, and every single piece of jewelry that I had, with the exception of the pieces I was wearing, was stolen. So I have very few pieces of “good” jewelry, and I wear what I have.

A while ago, I heard something hit my tile floor, and looked down and saw my little gold ring. The gold in the back had worn through and had just broken. Luckily, I heard it fall, otherwise the ring would have been lost. After faffing around for months, I finally took it to a goldsmith friend, Lauren Schott, who repaired it for me, courtesy of my mother who did this for my birthday. Lauren, who is so talented, did a beautiful job of repairing and strengthening the ring, which has more sentimental value than actual value.

Here are some of my favourite pieces of her work.

18k yellow gold handmade chain with uncut diamond crystal braceletimage

Kallatis - Therace Moesia Infarior 3rd century BC - Black Sea Ob. Apollo 18k yellow gold and .09 ct diamonds handmade chain braceletimage

18k yellow gold and aquamarine ringimage

14k yellow, rose and white gold Mokame' wedding bands for our friends Mike & Chickimage

Constantine I and II with tourmaline and pearl earringsimage

14k white gold with amethyst and seed pearlsimage

18k yellow gold pendent with peridot, tanzanite and diamondsimage

I am so pleased to have my ring back on my finger and delighted that Lauren helped me accomplish that!


  1. I love the gold and aquamarine ring especially, but everything is beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! I love the Kallatis Apollo Chain Bracelet with diamonds. Stunning.

    1. I picked out the pieces I liked the best! It's fabulous!

  3. Her work is stunning--unique with echos of the past.
    I'm glad that your ring is once again on your finger where it belongs.

  4. Lauren Schott, lets hear it for her. stunning
    . Now I know who to send the jewelry that needs repairing ...thanks

  5. beautiful work! I've never liked jewelry for myself but appreciated it on others. Love signet rings!

  6. Her work is beautiful! I had a signet ring I wore for years, and now I'm wondering where it is. So glad you got yours fixed!


  7. Lauren is indeed so talented and such a lovely person. She and I have to get together for lunch again very soon. She was so kind to purchase some of my note cards.


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