May 7, 2008

Daily Candy Travel Visits WALES!

When I moved back from Wales, it was always interesting to see people's reactions when I said where I lived. Mostly, I got a quizzical and questioning look and just told people it was part of England, like, ya know, the Prince of....

When I got my Daily Candy Travel feed today, they featured Wales. You can read the article here. The title, Enter the Dragon, is a reference to the red dragon on the flag of Wales.

They talk about old Cardiff, which isn't all that old in the scheme of things in the UK. Cardiff is only about 150 years old, and is the youngest European capital. DC also mentions favourite Melin Tregwynt, which I wrote about last year. The article also mentions some of Wales' spectacular scenery and wonderful little hotels.

Cymru am Byth! Wales forever!


  1. Cardiff is also where they film Dr. Who.

  2. Little Red... if you're a Dr. Who fan, they filmed a lot of the first season (with that dish, Christopher Eccleston) near our house. The Are You My Mummy episode was filmed at the abandoned victorian hospital round the corner from us.

    My car is in the Cybermen, Part II episode in the second season.

  3. Wales sounds lovely.. I'd love to visit one day!

  4. I didn't know you're from Wales! When I was growing up my nanny was from Wales and I have since been back to visit her twice! Such a beautiful place :)


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