October 16, 2018

Popped the Pop-Up!

Well, the Pigtown Anglo-American Pop-Up was a huge success! Actually, so successful that I kept it open for an extra two weeks at the request of the shopping village where I had opened. image

We had planned to open with a little sip & shop party, but I ended up not getting into the space until the day before I had planned to open, so that plan was scrapped. And working all day to set up the shop didn’t really put me in the mood to party. Plus, we had a huge storm that evening and got 2.5” of rain! Just what we needed (haha!).

My friend, Stiles, helped me finesse the shop’s final look and made it really look spectacular. He knew exactly how to arrange the display shelves and tables perfectly, and brought along risers and stands, as well as ladders from his shop, Halcyon House Antiques. image

I was fascinated to see that almost all the really HUGE pieces sold first. Platters, trays, tureens, candlesticks, bowls and pitchers, all went in the first two weekends. In fact, I had sold so much, that I had to plunder my house to get more items to fill the shelves. image

The shop was located in a 50-year old mixed-use development, and one of the things I loved about it was that it was full of light, no matter how dreary the day was. image

As always, my favourite pieces are the glass domes! Most of them sold, but in the meantime, I had fun filling them with both items from the shop and seasonal Baby Boo pumpkins.image


And who doesn’t love transferware! I had it in a range of colours, including the rare mulberry! image

All in all, it was a fun experience. At times, I felt like it was a revolving cocktail party with all of the friends coming and going. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to buy or just to say hello!


  1. Such a great looking space - I'm sad I missed it!

  2. Just wonderful. A striking space with striking goods.

  3. Well done Meg. You must be exhausted but happy after all of your hard work. Lovely space and displays.

  4. Peg, glad it was a success. It proves not everyone is into sleek minimalism. Love the silver coffee pot under the dome.

  5. The shop was lovely, as was the owner. Had two great visits and came home with terrific things. Thanks so very much!!!

  6. OMG - the shop is gorgeous! Congratulations on your success!! Looks pretty enough to eat, seriously. I'm an antique collector, too, but instead of a shop I just need a bigger house, ha! Good thing you took photos of everything, that way you can "keep" everything you sold. Photography is my favorite invention of all time... you can relive a moment, see exactly the way things were, over and over, whenever you want to. Magic!

  7. Any plans to do more brick & mortar retail in the future?

  8. Meg, your opinion please. I purchased an 24' tall umbrella stand at an estate sale. A blue and white design with pierced cutwork detail near the top, interlocking circles-- along with a crane image as the focal point. A chip on the rim and a noticeable hairline crack. Reduced by 50% to merely $12.50 Is it wise to purchase imperfect items which are yet still functional? I also have a cracked oyster plate in a lovely pink, a cracked ornate gilt frame and a chipped claw on lobster plate, I enjoy these items as knick nacks and hope that one day I may find an oyster plate intact and as lovely in design. I tell myself fragments and bits and bobs of pottery are on display in Fine museums so what's up with that?? I wonder if others are drawn to imperfect items that would be more valuable if in perfect condition but then I could not afford such a thing. Meg please comment>


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