March 26, 2018

#ThisIsBaltimore2018: When Will Spring Ever Arrive??

I was out running errands yesterday and it started snowing AGAIN. It’s the end of March! It’s supposed to be getting warm, and the flowers are supposed to be blooming. Instead, the temperatures are never going to get above the 60’s and there are still snow-showers forcast this week!image

I am still out and about taking pictures during my Lunchtime Safaris, and exploring the city. I thought I’d share some recent pictures with you.

The Louisa May Alcott School, which someone referred to as accidental Wes Anderson.image

I love the details on this old, and seemingly abandoned, stone house. image

Another sad abandoned house, but the millwork is stunning.image

This Stanford White-designed building is just around the corner from my office. Love it!image

I love alleys and little side streets, one of which yielded this unexpected surprise.image

The Octagon Building. Perched high on a hill overlooking the Jones Falls Valley. Circa 1855.image

One of my new tea towel designs. I know SO many people who need this!image

It’s so sad that buildings like this are no longer designed and built. The level of detail is amazing.image

Buildings like this collegiate Gothic/Tudor revival gem would never be built now.image

I love seeing the shadows of old advertisements on buildings. This is for Bull Durham tobacco.image

I am headed into an intense next few months with lectures I am giving and attending, conferences I am hosting, classes I am teaching, trips I am taking and much more! I hope to try and keep posting about once a week, but do check my Instagram account for more updated pictures and to see what’s happening. As always, thank you so much for reading!


  1. It has been a long, long, long winter. I love seeing all of the beautiful buildings that you find on your lunch hour. We have many beautiful buildings like that in Milwaukee and everytime I go home I love to walk in the city and take photos of the details. You are right, we will probably never see things like that again.

    1. I can't even imagine winter in Milwaukee!

  2. I would love to have the means to rehab a house like that old stone one. So charming.

    1. It's actually got a some-what recent addition to the back. It's pretty big!


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