February 23, 2018

Going to Pittsburgh

I am giving a small talk in Pittsburgh in May, and will be spending a couple of days in the city. I have never been there before, but luckily, I have a tour guide coming along with me – my bestie who grew up there. However, she hasn’t lived there for a while now, and I am looking for some new and fun things to do, and places to visit. We are really only there for about 48 hours, and I have to be at the conference for some of that time, so I want to make the most of the trip.image

The conference where I am speaking is being held at the University of Pittsburgh, aka Pitt, which is an urban campus with some really gorgeous buildings, including the Heinz Memorial Chapel. image

What I’d really love to know about it some fun design/home stores, any architectural salvage places, a great restaurant for late afternoon drinks, places I shouldn’t miss, and anything else you think I’d like.image Yes, I know I could Google all of this, but if you’ve been reading Pigtown*Design for any length of time, you know better than the Google what interests me! Thanks, in advance, for your help!


  1. I haven't lived there since 2002 and it's changed a lot but I know a few things.
    East Liberty is the hot new neighborhood (right beside the hot OLD neigbhorhood Shadyside) so thats where the best shopping is. My favorite home store is 'boxwood' in east liberty. AMAZING....
    The best restaurant is nearby - the 'church brewworks' in an old church. really awesome.
    The hipster neighborhood is also nearby - "Lawrenceville"....can't point anything out specific but some really great coffee shops, etc.

    Definitely go to the Carnegie museum / library / concert hall right near the university of Pitt.
    if you have time walk around Carnegie Mellon campus (my alma mater!) and try to get into some of the older buildings. The new ones are interesting too.

    I lived in squirrel Hill during college(just up the hill from CMU) and it's still my favorite neighborhood -i miss it! 61c cafe is the best - and you have to go to an EatnPark (the pittsburgh diner chain).
    Also the normal touristy stuff is good - take the incline up to mt washington! Eat a 'pittsburgh style' sandwich at Pirmanti brothers!

    One hidden gem that no one knows about is a housing development from the 1920s that you will die over called Chatham Village up on Mount Washington -if you have nice weather go there for a walk!

  2. there is a place called construction junction on north lexington street which is a fantastic salvage treasure...it is minutes from the frick house as well...

  3. Gee, i feel old. I was going to mention the Fred Rogers statute. Only because, well, it is Mr. Rogers! And perhaps the PPG headquarters may be open to the public--PPG owns Glidden paints and well maybe there is a Paint tour!! Anyway, there are no doubt house or garden tours and maybe a mention or two of some guy Andy, Andy Warhol.

  4. P.S.S. 117 Sandusky Street Pittsburgh Pa is the address of the Andy Warhol Museum

  5. Sounds like you will need an extra day or two!! Great suggestions.

  6. Gotta go to Toadflax in Shadyside for shopping and glorious flowers. Also Cafe Zehno (sp?) is a favorite restaurant. Try the Morning Buns at Five Points Bakery-

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  8. I lived in Pittsburgh for 2 years, when I was a flight attendant for USAir. My favorite area was a little town called Sewickley - it's right on the river, full of Victorian houses and antique shops, with an absolutely fabulous graveyard on top of a hill, in which I spent many hours wandering, reading, and taking photographs. Just Google "Victorian houses in Sewickley, PA" and check out the images, for a taster.

  9. Hi Meg. The Allegheny County Courthouse is a great place to visit -- as long as you're only visiting -- rather than the accused. It's incredibly powerful, as are all of Richardson's buildings. Bart.

  10. Happy St David's Day Meg.

  11. I have never been here either but I like reading all of the suggestions for the other followers.


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