September 11, 2017

Carriage House Conversion

One of my best friends is a Realtor, and she sometimes grabs me to come look at houses that she is listing. So when she texted me that she was taking some pictures of a carriage house conversion, I jumped at the chance to see it, since I know the architect who did the re-design. image

This picture, taken from the Baltimore School for the Arts, right across the street, gives you an idea of what a little treasure this place is. It’s in the elegant Mount Vernon neighbourhood of Baltimore which is filled with beautiful townhouses, museums and other cultural attractions. This house is lucky enough to have enough off-street parking for three cars, and we even managed to get my Volvo wagon in behind the gate, with room to spare.

It’s also got a wonderful outside space for entertaining or just sitting and having coffee early in the morning. image

The house has a new kitchen which opens to a laundry room and imageto the living room where the architect has creatively solved the problem of having lots of light combined with complete privacy. imageHe’s added an opaque window, and used a set of old carved doors to shut out the light when needed. The western light is diffused and provides a great solution to an eternal problem.

Much of the original brickwork has been left intact, but is broken up with huge windows and glass doors. image

Upstairs, there are two bedrooms, one with another fun set of windows with another pair of old doors. These details, along with the original beams and bricks, really make this house special. image

The shady patio was one of my favourite things about the house, along with its great location in the middle of the city. image

If you’re interested in this house with two bedrooms, one full- and one half-bath, and two or three off-street parking places in the heart of Baltimore, or would like to see additional details, contact Tracey here.


  1. That's awesome! Creative reuse combined with saving the charm of the building win every time!

  2. Fabulous! Looks like a fun place to be - would make a great "city hideout" for someone with enough $$ to have a house in the country AND the city.

  3. This is gorgeous. And that image with the ghost chair!!!


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