August 8, 2017

#ThisIsBaltimore: Summer Edition

Summer is just whipping by, isn’t it? Hard to believe it’s almost the second week of August. It’s been a busy couple of months on Instagram, including some pictures of my Canadian adventure. But for this post, we’ll stick to Baltimore.

I love alleys, and love that you can look down an alley and see history.image

Hampton Mansion, just north of Baltimore. image

Not Baltimore, but damn, this gin is good!image

This is the entrance to a walled garden and house.image

This is part of a little village of about 20 houses.image

Is there anything better than having summer drinks on the porch?image

Lake Roland, just after a huge storm.image

The most perfect summer day, watching my friend Sam Robinson painting at friends’ farm.image

Someone desperately needs to be groomed.image

I am working on a big post about the house that I am currently obsessing over! Stay tuned…

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  1. The folks at Hampton Mansion have the PERFECT lawn-mowing plan! And... gin and lemonade? YES PLEASE!! (Look up the recipe for a South Side cocktail! - HISTORIC!)


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