July 10, 2017

I’ll Take This: House with Everything You Could Want!

I have mentioned numerous times how fortunate I am to have so many amazing friends and acquaintances in my life. So when a friend sent a message last week telling me her house was on the market after 40 years, I set up a time to visit, because I knew you’d want to see this incredible house. Warning: There are tons of images, but you’ll want to look at every single one of them!IMG_3149

The house was designed and built in 1926 by Pleasants Pennington who was a favourite of decorators like Dorothy Draper and other society types, and who built houses on Martha’s Vineyard, Tuxedo Park, Locust Valley and other WASPy spots. Although he was based in New York, he had a number of projects in Baltimore, including several houses and public buildings.

Let’s wander around outside to see the 2.5 acre property, hidden within the limits of Baltimore City.

The carriage house and gates, with beautiful benches in the Lutyens style.IMG_3064

These sheep may safely graze – especially since they’re not real.IMG_3142

Across the driveway, there is an old dairy which provided fresh milk to the early residents.IMG_3134

The gazebo, original to the property, is a perfect setting for afternoon cocktails.IMG_3155

There are dozens of boxwoods, some in topiary form, and others just free-growing.IMG_3101

Brick paths lead to the front of the house and throughout the gardens.IMG_3094

There is a tennis court with a greenhouse and shed on the side.IMG_3098

The house is quite grand, but very comfortable, nevertheless. Because there have been so few owners in the past 90+ years, nearly all of the house’s original details are still intact, and hopefully the new owners will be smart enough to keep them and not modernize the place. I question why people buy beautiful old houses like these and then take out the details which make them so special.

And when I said the house has EVERYTHING, I really meant it. There are two silver safes, numerous pantries with the original cupboards, a laundry room, a wine cellar, a sauna, steam shower, library, nine bedrooms, six full and two half baths, fireplaces in nearly every room, plus tons and tons of original milled details that you couldn’t get for love or money now!

The front hallway bisects the house and is at least 20 feet wide. IMG_3124

In each direction, there are wonderful enfilades from room to room.IMG_3070

The house is filled with niches, fireplaces and myriad architectural details.IMG_3066

The home’s owner is an antiques dealer who specializes in porcelain and china, which is evident through the house.IMG_3067

The formal living room features a vignette with imari plates and a stunning antique mirror…IMG_3075

and this classical Georgian fireplace.IMG_3077

The dining room, paneled in pine, has been faux painted and the corner cabinet houses some special pieces of china.IMG_3079

The collections scattered around the house are a combination of serious and whimsicalIMG_3152

The combination of the wallpaper, the fireplace, the pitchers and the picture is flawless.IMG_3112

Again, you can see the owner’s love of porcelain.IMG_3116

This hallway has a close compatriot at the nearby Homewood House.IMG_3119

I love the detail on the ceiling of this small hallway between the powder room and cloak room.IMG_3128

This little trellised room welcomes visitors to the house.IMG_3091

Classic never loses its style.IMG_3144

The house would make an incredible place to raise a family. There’s plenty of room for a slew of children, ample space to entertain friends and family in style and years to make memories which will last forever. For more information about this special house, please click here.

Thanks to my delightful hostess and friend for taking the time out of her busy schedule to show me around her home! xo


  1. It's everything I dream about at night and work for each day! Thanks for sharing, Meg.

  2. What an incredible house filled with wonderful collections! I love the blue opaline - I think it's Bristol. Beautiful! AND AND AND - did you notice the biscuit tins on the mantel? The book biscuit tins? In the red room? Those are worth a pretty penny. So many beautiful collections - I would love to see how it's all put together in the new house!!!!!
    Thank you !!!!!!!

  3. Where did they get those sheep?

    1. She's an antiques dealer, and does a lot of the big shows, so I am guessing she's collected them from different shows.

  4. Wonderful place. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Such character. It is stunning based on the architecture, and truly interesting with the antiques. Love it!
    Our Roland Park home had some beautiful woodwork but was nothing compared to this and no where near the size but makes me miss it!

  6. Great house! Love the enfilade with the rugs. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I wonder what the first house/apt she ever lived in looked like. It is amazing how hard work can allow an individual to create an enviable environment such as this. I know Baltimore is more than the Wire and here we see a powerful status symbol. Okay the house is for sale but is there an estate sale to liquidate the furnishings, that's me always thinking ahead-- do tell, I will clear my schedule if so.

  8. Meg that house is amazing! So lush and elegant, yet so homey as you say.


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