October 12, 2016

World of Interiors Features Evergreen House

World of Interiors Magazine, one of the best shelter magazines on the market today, is often thought to be the publication to which all others aspire. So it’s especially exciting to see that they’re featuring Evergreen House, a local landmark, on the pages of their October 2016 issue.image

The main theme of the article is the incredible interior spaces done by Russian Léon Bakst of Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes, which includes a small theatre, specially done for Alice Garrett, who lived at Evergreen with her husband. image

I’ve written about Evergreen House a number of times, mainly because of their annual House Beautiful lecture series, and also because it’s a five-minute drive from my house.


The theatre is filled with stenciled motifs taken from a book of Peasant Art in Russia, found in the Garrett’s extensive library.image

I have been to so many lectures in the theatre, and I never fail to see something new in the space. image

Other Bakst items in the house include these botanical drawings over the mantle in the main house,image

and the colour scheme devised by Bakst for the bowling alley-turned-art gallery. image

Naturally, one of my favourite spaces in the house is the amazing library, with its TWO full elephant folios of Audubon’s Birds of America. image

But then there IS the solid gold bathroom, the ultimate in luxury!image

To see the complete article from the October 2016 WOI Magazine, please click here. Thanks to WOI and James Archer Abbott, head of Evergreen for the images and article!


  1. Hello Meg, You are indeed lucky to live so near such a treasure house, which in addition to its decorative work contains the Garrett rare book library. I just read that John W. Garrett ran the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad--note the Ohio connection to Evergreen House!


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