June 7, 2016

The Queen’s Birthday

Although her actual birthday is in April, HMQEII celebrates it in June, when the weather’s bound to be much better. One of the things I loved about living in the UK was that the country celebrates special occasions together, like the opening of the Olympics in 2012, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee the same year.

For her 90th birthday, many villages, towns and even just streets have celebrations, and this year, the pubs will be open late to keep the fun going. image

Everyone gets involved and it really brings the whole country together. Here are some of the celebratory events I’ve found. In addition to charming events, the posters are wonderful!

HM is the patron of the Churchbell Ringers, and they’re having a luncheon on the Mall.image

The villages of Chideock and Seatdown are having a party and you’re invited.image

The beautiful Regency town of Bath is having a picnic. image

Great Yarmouth Minster is having a sing-along.image

Mayfair… Gonna be classy, innit?image

Pescod Square is hosting a shopping event. image

Wolverley Memorial Hallimage

You might have noticed a theme here: Bunting!image

I have the Union Jack bunting hanging on my front porch,image and although my Appalachian-American neighbour objects strenuously, (he keeps telling me that I am Amurican and I should fly the Amurican flag!) I am keeping it up until at least next week!

Cheers, your Majesty!


  1. Your last paragraph is ugly. Not everyone is privileged enough to grow up in Roland Park and evolve into a fat snob.

  2. Disgusting comment.


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