July 12, 2015

The UK’s 100 Leading Designers

House & Garden (UK) has just announced their list of the UK’s top 100 designers and looking through the list, there are names that would be familiar to anyone who follows the industry as well as an excellent crop of newcomers to the list. image

The list is alphabetical by first name, which was an interesting way to list them. Each entry has an image of the designer’s work, a brief review, a bit of background and then a quiz question.

Here are a few that caught my eye.

Alidad says he designs rooms to last for 20 years. His work features multilayered, super-expensive materials and object.image

Ben Pentreath, whom I was lucky enough to meet last fall. I adore everything he does.image

Edward Bulmer, who has my dream job – reorganizing and redecorating historic houses. image

Nicky Haslam, naturally. I just read one of his books. He’s hilarious and has quite a history.image

Retrouvius are known for using architectural salvage in their project. I love that!image

Rita Konig of whom I have been a fan for year. She’s funny and bright and is back in England after being in the States for a spell.image

Robert Kime – amazing interiors and even more gorgeous fabrics. image

Woody Clark works on historic houses and insists on using local talent! Good for him. image

The entire list is here. Let me know who your standouts are!


  1. For me I also love Paolo Moschino, Douglas Mackie and Rose Uniacke. It may be because they live in London and really get how Londoners want to live so it just resonates with me. They also create such iconic rooms that you not only want to live in but remember a decade later.

  2. Nicky Haslam is a wonderful wit and raconteur although I find his work has gotten a bit weird in recent years. His books are gems, though.

  3. I let my eye scan these rooms to see if anything caught me. (Of course, this method is a bit unfair--judging by only one picture!) While I appreciate many styles I would not choose for myself, I chose with this criteria in mind: live-ability, skill in color, design, & tradition, unexpected touches that make me smile. I chose seven I liked a lot, then two I liked best. Louise Jones for her subtle use of prints and color and Robert Kime whose "relaxed and grand" style made me want to be there. Very fun, Meg.

  4. Meg, I chose Douglas Mackie, Francis Sultana, Nicky Haslam, Moschino, Peter Mikic; also Colefax and Fowler are forever classic of course. Several I chose for their integration of amazing art into their designs!

    The Arts by Karena
    Stems Soiree

  5. Forgot to add Charles Rutherford, love his style!
    xoxo Karena

  6. One of my favorites is missing.....Vivien Greenock. She is a former Colefax alum and decorated the gorgeous sitting/bedroom for Oscar and Annette de la Renta. Since this list was compiled in conjunction with 1st Dibs, do they have to be listed on 1st Dibs to qualify?

  7. Out of the ones you've shown, my faves: Alidad, Ben Pentreath, and Retrouvius. Ed Bulmer gets a thumbs down for not only putting the backs of the sofas TO the entryways, he's put them smack in the MIDDLE of the entryways! Boo, hiss, and a raspberry. *wink*


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