February 8, 2015

Rebranding Sweden

Have you heard that Sweden has a new font? It’s to help brand the country, as if Ikea hasn’t done enough of that already!

The font, according to the designers, and Sweden’s spec sheet is:

…supposed to have a classic, timeless feel and, as a result, work in the long run. A monotype typeface that can be used in both digital and analogue formats. Sweden Mono Sans has an unassuming character, also making it suitable for use with a broad spectrum of typefaces.

There’s an entire website devoted to this new typeface and the other branding details, including the exact yellow and blue of the flag of Sweden. If you like the font, you can download it here.image

And the exact dimensions that you must use, which I completely disregarded above!image

As the website says, “the overall purpose of having a common Sweden identity is to give the country a stronger voice, with everyone communicating under a single banner.” It’s a fascinating website and provides a lot of insight as to how brands are created and the process of how a brand evolves.


  1. I love typography and its ins and outs but I have to say that one looks cramped and fussy to me, not Swedish in the modern OR Gustavian senses.

  2. For some reason, I always imagine there's a small office at IKEA's headquarters that the Swedish government has to run run everything by.

  3. Hmmm well I still love using the Georgia font! Loved Raina's comment. Ha!

    Featuring The HighBoy

  4. I like typography. Years ago when I had a graphic artist on staff and we had a boring day, we'd play, "If you were a typeface, who would you be?" I think I was almost always Optima...anyway, the face of Sweden looks too self evident, too full of itself in a withholding kind of way. I just hate the capital J. It took much effort for the top of that J to look like that. Kinda' lame looking like someone on a crutch.


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