February 25, 2008

BB8 Shower!

Blogging pal, Megan Samuels of Beach Bungalow 8, is getting married! If you've not visited BB8, you must. She's very clever and has a great eye for fun designs. A group of us, (Peak of Chic, Style Court & Cote de Texas) instigated by the incredible Mrs. Blandings, have decided to throw BB8 a virtual wedding shower.

A few posts ago, BB8 wrote about not wanting to smell like anyone else and having a signature scent. Our family friend, Ned Martel, an editor at Men's Vogue, wrote an article on this same thing, referencing remembered smells from his childhood (and mine) in a bespoke scent, created just for him. Tobacco, saddle soap, Old Bay, the beach, cinnamon and others came to mind.
My virtual gift to BB8 is a session with Fresh, the company that helped Ned create his scent. Maybe something like Pink Jasmine with top notes of red orange, freesia, spring lilac, middle notes of magnolia, peony, fresh jasmine, tiare flower and base notes of precious woods, velvety peach skin, marsh mallow (not the candy, the plant).
Or maybe Cannabis Rose, described as "ultra-sensual and completely intoxicating... Top notes burst with the captivating aroma of Bulgarian roses infused with pomegranate flower and Italian bergamot. An alluring blend of cannabis accord, sheer jasmine, and rich dark chocolate make the heart of this sultry scent truly intoxicating, while base notes of white musk, patchouli, and oolong tea leave a lasting sensual finish."

All of my very best wishes for a long and happy marriage, Megan!


  1. Wonderful! I'll link back to you as well.

  2. thank you!!!! do you know that I LOVE fresh? i spend way too much on their shampoo that merely smells delish and dose very little for my untame-able hair. but it smells so damn good.

    i'll be attempting to blog while there!

  3. Meg, can I have one too? Seriously, I stink, I'm in need of a new branding scent. - How creative are you??? You know you're my fav.

  4. cote- i know you're a avid spritzer like me. clinique aromatics, right?

  5. Meg that is such a cool idea. I know BB* loved it too.


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