May 16, 2007

Carleton Varney, Part II

Sorry not to be posting much, but my father's in hospital, and I've been going back and forth from there - and trying to get things ready for Preakness. Anyway, I thought I would do another Carleton Varney post. I decided to randomly open the book and see what I found:
The Morrocan Look: Think how smashing a black, yellow, shocking-pink, white, orange and purple Morrocan rug would look in a living room with pale yellow walls and white trim. Unfortunately, there's not a photo of what this would look like, but you can bet it would be vibrant! CV also talks about brass, Morrocan cushions, hassocks on wooden feet with embossed leather seats. These say North Africa in any setting.
You know that one of everyone's favourite blogs is the amazing My Marrakesh, the story of an American family's quest to build a guest house in Marrakesh. It's beautifully written and illustrated, and if you haven't already taken a look, do so instantly (after leaving me!). Maryam has incredible taste and does loads of interesting things. It's an education to read her blog.

I was in New York before Christmas and had stopped in at John Derian & Co. They have an imports section along with their glorious decoupage items. They had a stunning collection of Moroccan poufs in candy colours. I also look the look of pierced bronze lanterns in the yard during the summer. They cast the most delightful lights and shadows.
I think that the verdict for Morrocan influences in that it was in in 1971 and it's still in in 2007. Stands the test of time.


  1. Good post! I think everything is cyclical- Moroccan was "in" in 1971 and again today. Wonder what's next in trends... Colonial American?! (Like the poufs, too.)

  2. sorry about your dad. get well soon:)

  3. Hope your dad is feeling better soon!

  4. Great Post! I also am a big fan of morrocan design, and John Derian too.
    I wish you well with your Dad, I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

  5. Just saw this now. Thank you so much for including me:-)!

    PS How is your Dad?

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